Data Science Battleground #7: Let Tokyo Techies guide you to make real money in stocks

Last week on April 20th, Data Science Battleground Round 7 was successfully hosted with over 20 participants. Like in other previous rounds of Data Science Battleground, our participants are empowered to acquire fundamental Data Science knowledge as well as topic-related Data Science skills through high-quality lectures prepared by our mentors. What’s more, they can practice […]

Why is Tokyo Techies a Better Choice for Professionals than Coding Bootcamps?

In recent years, the market of coding bootcamps around the world has grown rapidly. Coding bootcamps are usually marketed as the fast, low cost and future-guaranteed education plan for prospective IT engineers. Bootcamps promise their students they can easily get a lucrative job in coding/IT after graduating their full-time yet short-term coding program. In reality, […]

Why Online Video Courses Don’t Work

As Saint Luke wrote in his gospel, “A student is not above his teacher, but everyone who is perfectly instructed will be like his teacher.” Can online video courses perfectly instruct students, providing that excellent learning experience?  It is difficult for online courses to both have an excellent learning experience from a teacher and to […]

Tokyo Techies Fall 2018 Tech Classes For All Ages

INTRODUCTION   Tokyo Techies believes in providing technical education that teaches hard skills tech classes to students of all ages.  We are a team of experts with experience across Japan’s leading companies such as Softbank, Rakuten, Line, Hitachi, etc. We know what it takes to help you how to become a software developer, data scientist, […]

Tokyo Techies Cyber Security Training Program

The Motivation Behind Tokyo Techies Cyber Security Training Program

The Motivation Behind Tokyo Techies Cyber Security Training Program What is Cyber Security? “Cyber Security is the practice of protecting systems, networks, and programs from digital attacks. These attacks are usually aimed at accessing, changing, or destroying sensitive information; extorting money from users; or interrupting normal business processes.” —  Cisco.  Cyber Security is important because […]

Tokyo Techies Cyber security meetup

Tokyo Techies Cyber Security Meetup #1

Dear friends, It was great welcoming you to the first Cyber Security Meetup at Tokyo Techies! Thank you again for giving us a chance to introduce very unique points in the current professional tech education program for All ages at Tokyo Techies, and the next big thing: Cyber Security Training services for enterprises and end-users!!! […]

Tokyo Techies research projects went to Harvard

Students of Tokyo Techies Research at Harvard University!

In the summer of 2017, three Tokyo Techies students took the show on the road to Cambridge, Massachusetts, where they participated in the IETC (International Educational Technology Conference) at Harvard University Over multiple days, students of tokyo techies research toured corporate labs (including Hitachi), universities (MIT & Harvard), and got the Boston student experience. At […]

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