Welcome to Tokyo Techies

Tokyo Techies believes in providing technical education which teaches hard skills to students of all ages.

We are a team of experts with experience across Japan’s leading companies: Softbank, Rakuten, Line, Hitachi, etc., and we know what it takes to help you how to become a software developer, roboticist, data scientist or scientific researcher.

We introduce students to computer science, engineering and research through several vectors:

  • Robotics classes
  • Computer science & App development classes
  • Data Science and artificial intelligent classes
  • Custom app development / research projects with our professional technical mentors​.
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Why Choose Tokyo Techies


Professional Team


✔︎ We are professional engineers and researchers with years of experience at leading Japanese and Global companies.

✔︎ We are experienced in teaching young students as well as training and mentoring new professionals in on-job-training.

✔︎ With extensive research and publishing experience, we support students turn ideas into complete software development and research projects.


Real-world Experience-based Curriculum

✔︎ Developed in-house by experts having years of real-world experience, and highly tailored to fit our students’ needs

✔︎ All classes connect to a structured and feasible skill development roadmap which is aligned with K-12 framework (backed by Apple, Google, Microsoft)

✔︎ Tested and proven over the last 2 years


Classes For ALL Interests


✔︎ Basic / Intermediate / Advanced-level classes

✔︎ Short term, semester-long, and custom classes

✔︎ Python, Swift, Java, C++ and more

✔︎ Start anytime with 1-on-1 class or group class

Tokyo Techies Skill Development Roadmap

Tokyo Techies Skills-Development-Roadmap

Tokyo Techies wants you to reach your full potential as a software developer/ roboticist/ scientific researcher. Wherever you currently are on our roadmap (even if you have zero experience), our experienced technical mentors know how to take you to the next level. Contact us to start your coding journey!



  • Robotics Level 1: Humanoids ​with Arduino

    Build a humanoid robot, learn to code and control movement, lights and sound.

  • Robotics Level 2: Vehicles with Arduino

    Build a vehicular robot ​and teach it to drive and navigate obstacles.

  • Custom robotics project

    We can help you design and build your own custom robot or write your first scientific robotics research paper!


  • Data science made easy with R/ Python

    Learn statistics, analysis, and R/Python programming to extract insights from data.

  • Machine Learning made easy with Python

    Write Python programs and teach your computer to predict the future.

  • Custom data science/ AI research project

    Our technical mentors can support your building a smart product / writing a scientific research paper!


  • MineCraft Level 1: Mod Programming ​with Python

    Hack Minecraft and create your own custom items with Python coding.

  • MineCraft Level 2: Intermediate Python

    More Minecraft hacking and custom item creation to make games at a larger scale.

  • Computer Science in Java

    Learn AP computer science in Java.

  • Mobile ​Programming with ​Swift – Level 1

    Cover the basics of computer science and develop your first iOS app in Swift.

  • Mobile ​Programming with ​Swift – Level 2 

    Continued computer science, basic algorithms and iOS SDK work to make a 2-player game in Swift.

  • Mobile ​Programming with ​Swift – Advanced Level

    Learn advanced computer science concepts, algorithms and iOS SDK components to build an artificially intelligent chess game.


Skills Assessment

✔︎ Co-create a technical skills assessment framework.

✔︎ Conduct assessment planning and execution.

✔︎ Produce assessment reports.

Training Contents Building

✔︎ Evaluate and revise existing training contents to align with a reasonable skill development roadmap

✔︎ Co-create a custom technical training program that meets the company’s actual needs

Technical Training BPO

On-site / off-site sessions with various offerings:

✔︎ Pre-OJT training for new graduates

✔︎ Programming / Data science training for managers/ engineers.

✔︎ Regular hackathon events for both non-technical and technical staff

Please contact us via email for more details about custom tech education program for enterprises.

Begin Your Journey With Tokyo Techies

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    • Fill out our registration form
    • We will respond to schedule an initial diagnostic meeting with you
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    • Discuss your interests with our mentors in an initial meeting
    • Create a technical skill development plan
    • Get recommendations for courses and programs
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    • Start immediately in the 1-on-1 format, or
    • Wait for the next group class to start
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    • Learn new concepts and perform hands-on exercises in classes
    • Engage in homework to deepen your technical understanding
    • Develop practical capabilities and work on real-world projects
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    • Take final exams to confirm your new technical capabilities
    • Obtain Tokyo Techies certification and move up to the next level



Duc Doba

Co-founder and CEO

● Full-stack mobile/web software development
● Cloud infrastructure design and management

● 10 years of software architecture and development at Japan’s leading companies (Rakuten, Line, Softbank)
● 8 years of Mentoring new graduates and engineers
● Certified Scrum Master, Certified AWS Cloud Solution Architect
● Software patent-holder
● Organizer of numerous hackathons in Japan and Vietnam

Robin Garhwal

Head of Robotics Technologies

● Robotics technologies

● Extensive teaching experience across the college, high school, and primary school levels
● Research experience on emotional communication devices
● Volunteer with TEDx and Slush
● Currently enrolled in an MS in Design Engineering
● BS in Mechanical Engineering from the Tokyo Institute of Technology

Phong Nguyen - Data scientist
Phong Nguyen

Head of Data Science & AI Technologies

● Data science
● Artificial intelligence

● Research analyst at a leading corporate lab in Japan by day
● Mentor of numerous research projects for young students and adults
● MS in Data Science at Carnegie Mellon

Meghalee Goswami

Programming Tutor

● Software Development (AI and Telecommunications)

● Software engineering at Apple (current)
● Software engineering and analyst Tata Consultancy
● Significant teaching experience across primary, secondary and university levels in mathematics, physics, and programming
● Masters researcher at Waseda University

Victor Torres
Victor Torres

Programming, Robotics Tutor

● Full-stack mobile/web software development
● Cloud infrastructure design and management

● Full-stack software engineer in Tokyo
● Teaching science subjects to high-school students and as a teaching assistant in undergraduate level
● Engineering graduate of the Tokyo Institute of Technology

James Borg

Programming, Robotics Tutor

● Computer Vision
● Machine Learning

● University-level teaching experience in Electrical Engineering
● MS in Mechano-informatics in progress at the University of Tokyo
● BA/BS in Electrical and Computer Systems at Monash University
● Scored in the 99th percentile on the Victorian Certificate of Education

Sara Metwalli
Sara Metwalli

Programming Tutor

● Mobile software development
● Embedded systems design and development

● Android mobile application development
● Teaching Assistant in science for undergraduate level.
● BS degree in Communications and Electronics Engineering.
● Working with Tokyo Institute of Technology Online Education Development Office (OEDO) on designing and analyzing content for edX.
● Currently Enrolled as a MS researcher in the field of Information and Communications Engineering at Tokyo Institute of Technology.

Suzanne DBel
Suzanne D’Bel

Programming Tutor

● Mobile app and game development

● Android mobile application development
● Game development
● Master in Media Design at Keio University
● BEng in Mechatronics Engineering at Nottingham University