SaaS Development

Transportation Management System

Client: MeeTruck - A joint venture of SoftBank and Nippon Express

Issue: The client wants to build a nation-wide Transportation Management System (TMS) for Japanese logistics companies to digitize and optimize driver/truck management tasks which were mostly paper-based. Additionally, they want to have AI match-making capability to match available manpower with pending tasks to optimize idle resources.

Solution: Tokyo Techies built a robust SaaS with the following key features:

  • Highly optimized and secure cloud infrastructure capable of handling 20,000 requests per second and zero-downtime deployment
  • Well designed APIs, ready for 3rd party integration
  • User-friendly Web apps for drivers, logistics companies and service operators
  • The foundation for an AI match-making engine. Further enhancements are planned.

Software Development

Mobile and Web App

Client: JCV, a SoftBank group Company

Issue: The client wants to build an application using their existing AI engine for computer vision, which would give relevant recommendations to shoppers based on their age, gender, facial expression, and clothing.

Solution: Tokyo Techies built a custom Windows application with a highly optimized backend and enhanced focus on usability.

Tokyo Techies additionally went on to develop a web application to provide a visualized summary of user statistics (for instance, the number of visits per shopper, etc.) for administrators.

AI Solution

Job Matching system

Client: A large HR company

Issue: The client faced several obstacles in managing the process of screening and matching candidates as per the job requirements. One of the bottlenecks was that it took a lot of time and effort to go through all the profiles of the candidates and match them to relevant jobs, using Excel sheets. 

Solution: Tokyo Techies' team of experts custom built an Application Tracking System incorporating AI, which helped the client eliminate manual work to a large degree when it came to matching jobs with candidate profiles, thereby saving them a significant amount of time and cost. Additionally, it also helped provide a seamless experience to the clients and job seekers using their platform.

ERP System Development

Jewelry Sales Management System

Client: A large jewelry company in Japan

Issue: Switch from managing inventory using excel sheets while automating portions of it and have a centralized and secure database, thereby improving productivity

Solution: Built an ERP system from scratch catering to the needs of the client. To ensure a high customer satisfaction, a series of tests were conducted with the client during the production.

Cyber Security

Audit for Crypto Exchange

Client: A large cryptocurrency trading company

Issue: With a very tight schedule of 3 weeks right before the release date, customer required penetration testing and in-depth code review of crypto currency exchange platform.

Solution: With a highly efficient team of engineers, we conducted the following in a mere span of 14 working days:

  • Cloud Architecture and Configurations audit
  • Web Application audit & code review
  • Build plan for Mobile app and wallet app audit & code review

Incident Response

Client: A Cryptocurrency trading company

Issue: The client got hacked

Solution: Tokyo Techies assisted with Incident reporting and recovery as well as post incident support by:

  • Conducting a thorough investigation of the incident and gathering relevant information to help identify the hacker.
  • Assisting with immediate remedy and recovery and devising a detailed plan for the client to help prevent similar incidents in the future.
  • Providing security consulting services to the client on a continuous basis after the incident

Cloud Computing

Cloud Infrastructure Design

Client: A large scale SaaS service

Issue: Lack of sufficient resource (including in-house and vendors) to build a secure infrastructure design

Solution: Tokyo Techies worked with the client and its vendors to:

  • Analyze the existing infrastructure of a large scale service
  • Build an action plan to reconstruct and test the system behavior while enhancing the security level
  • Cut the infrastructure’s running cost by 40%

Business Dev. & Tech Support

Client: Packet, A Softbank’s portfolio company that empowers developer-driven companies to deploy physical infrastructure at 22 global locations

Issue: Business expansion in Japan, a key market for packet, without a physical office and resources

Solution: Tokyo Techies provides support for business development (formulation and execution of marketing and sales strategy) and provides technical support, with its expertise and knowhow in bare metal cloud computing

Bare Metal Cloud Computing Business Development