AI Solution

Classroom Behavioral Analysis

Client: One of Japan’s largest cram school

Issue: Customer needed a system to monitor classroom behavior in real-time to optimize learning

Solution: We custom built a solution capable of behavioral recognition using AI for real-time video

Classroom Monitoring AI solution

Job Matching system

Client: A large HR company

Issue: Customer was wasting substantial time and effort in manual process for job matching using Excel Sheets

Solution: Tokyo Techies custom built a system which utilized Artificial Intelligence to eliminate all manual operations

ERP System Development

Jewelry Sales Management System

Client: A large jewelry company in Japan

Issue: Switch from managing inventory using excel sheets while automating portions of it and have a centralized and secure database, thereby improving productivity

Solution: Built an ERP system from scratch catering to the needs of the client. To ensure a high customer satisfaction, a series of tests were conducted with the client during the production.

ERP Software Development

Cyber Security

Cyber Security Audit and Pentest for Cryptocurrency exchange platform

Audit for Crypto Exchange

Client: A large cryptocurrency trading company

Issue: With a very tight schedule of 3 weeks right before the release date, customer required penetration testing and in-depth code review of crypto currency exchange platform.

Solution: With a highly efficient team of engineers, we conducted the following in a mere span of 14 working days:

  • Cloud Architecture and Configurations audit
  • Web Application audit & code review
  • Build plan for Mobile app and wallet app audit & code review

Cloud Computing

Business Dev. & Tech Support

Client: Packet, A Softbank’s portfolio company that empowers developer-driven companies to deploy physical infrastructure at 22 global locations

Issue: Business expansion in Japan, a key market for packet, without a physical office and resources

Solution: Tokyo Techies provides support for business development (formulation and execution of marketing and sales strategy) and provides technical support, with its expertise and knowhow in bare metal cloud computing

Bare Metal Cloud Computing Business Development


IOT hardware and software development

Product and App Development

Client: A robotics company

Issue: Develop micro-controller board (hardware) which had to be integrated with LoRA module and a mobile app (software) in a very tight schedule.

Solution: A dedicated team consisting of Robotics and Software engineers co-developed the hardware and proceeded to build the mobile app to visualize the data from IoT devices in 8 weeks.

Speed was achieved through a series of rapid prototyping and testing.

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