Cyber Security Services

Tokyo Techies can help to ensure your system security level

Security Audit

To make sure your system is secure and safe from threats

Possible targets

Embedded devices
Mobile phone apps
Desktop software
Enterprise networks
Cloud setups

White box or black box pentest

  • Cross-site scripting
  • SQL injection
  • Cross-site request forgery
  • OS command injection
  • CRLF injection
  • Path traversal
  • Session fixation
  • Buffer overflow
  • Format string attack
  • Weak password policy
  • Incomplete password reset
  • Access control issues
  • Privilege extension
  • Problems related to file upload
  • Problems caused by business logic
  • Code injection
  • Encapsulation

Fuzzing and reverse engineering possible

Incident Response

To minimize the risk of breach and minimize the damage in case of a breach

Tokyo Techies can help build an extensive Incident Response Plan customized for your business. Also, we can help to review, amend and update any existing Incident Response Plan.

breach investigation

Using latest digital forensic techniques and reverse engineering, Tokyo Techies can help to identify the source of attack and how it spread and single out the systems, data, etc affected in the breach.

Incident reporting
and recovery

Based on our thorough investigation, our team can effectively communicate the effects of breach and assist with short-term and long-term actions for remedy and help you resume normal business operations.

Post incident

Based on the investigation results of the breach, we can help you prepare better to prevent any similar breaches in future.

Secure Cloud Infrastructure Design

To make sure that you are secure while you make the shift to cloud

Common Issues

How we may help?

  • Analyzing the existing cloud infrastructure
  • Then build an action plan to reconstruct the system without breaking existing its behavior
  • Optimize the running cost/performance while enhancing the security level
  • Analyzing your new service’s specifications
  • Designing a secure infrastructure that meets your requirements
  • For instance:
    - Setup secure Development environment
    - Setup secure CI/CD pipeline
    - Reduce all possible attack surfaces right from design phase

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