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Mobile / Web System Dev

Cyber Security

There is a significant wave of change never seen before across all industries impacting both IT landscapes and enterprise business models. Companies are under pressure to adopt state of the art technologies to drive competitive advantage and to foster innovation. Tokyo Techies’ IT consulting services can help your organization better understand and adopt technologies to cater to your unique business needs. Leveraging upon its team of industry experts, Tokyo Techies can help you in each stage starting from requirement gathering and analysis to operation and maintenance.

Tokyo Techies can work alongside you on specific short-term projects or can collaborate on a long term basis as a business partner to help you grow your business as a whole.

Collaboration Model

R&D Vendor

R&D Vendor

Work alongside you on specific projects to support your business
  • Provide support/service tailored to your needs on specific projects
  • Ensure the best-in-class service at an unbeatable speed
  • One stop solution covering multiple different domains
  • Share knowledge and expertise as required to serve better
Consulting partner

Consulting Partner

An extension of your business working side by side to ensure mutual growth
  • Support in defined areas on a continuous basis ensuring stability
  • Develop opportunities by contributing substantial knowledge, expertise and resources
  • Flexibility in type of service offered to best address ongoing critical challenges

Areas Covered

Data Science and AI

Data Science
& AI

Mobile / Web
System Dev

Cyber Security


Robotics / IOT


Robotic Process

Core Areas

Data Science & AI

  • Monitoring
    Human behavior
    System health, etc.
  • Recommendation
    Job matching, etc.
  • Chatbot
  • Data Analytics

Mobile / Web System Dev

  • iOS/ Android Development
  • Full stack web development
    Cloud infrastructure
    Edge computing
    UI/UX design
  • ERP System Development & Consulting

Cyber Security

  • Security Audit
    White box or black box
    Fuzzing and reverse engineering
  • Incident Response
    Assess damage
    Find entry point and close it
  • Security Policy Building
  • Cyber Security Training

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