Perks and Benefits

Tokyo Techies is dedicated to build and maintain an environment where all the members of Tokyo Techies can work comfortably, achieve fast growth and get the recognition they deserve for their contributions. While there are rules in place to foster a fun and relaxed working environment and a good work-life balance, all members of Tokyo Techies are eligible for several monetary support and rewards as a recognition for their contributions and to help with skill development.

perks and benefits of working at Tokyo Techies


Flexible scheduling and work environment

To promote a better work-life balance, a flextime system is in place, with core time from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Remote work setup is also acceptable, as long as you can still coordinate efficiently with the team. Depending on the nature and requirements of the project, attendance at the Tokyo Techies office or at the client's facility might be required in some cases.

Casual Dress Code

We encourage our employees to dress comfortably at work. Business attire is required only if necessary (mostly during formal client meetings).


Certificate Acquisition and Course Completion Support and Bonus

Tokyo Techies encourages each of its full time members to enroll in courses relevant to work and apply for certifications. This is a great opportunity to help them grow, and develop their personal skills.
All course fees will be sponsored by Tokyo Techies, including the certification examination fees. Once you complete the course, additional renumeration will be given and will be calculated based on the course duration and complexity.
Furthermore, acquiring a certificate for the following awaits a great reward (60,000 JPY ~ 100,000 JPY)!

  • Cloud - Basic/ Intermediate/Advanced
  • Security - Basic/Intermediate/Advanced
  • Japanese and English Language (JLPT/TOEIC)

Transportation Allowance

All regular employees will be given a transportation allowance going to, and from work to their residence. Other work-related transportation expenses will be reimbursed as well.


Welcome Bonus

Welcome bonus will be awarded to each full time employee joining Tokyo Techies which is equivalent to one month’s salary

Performance Bonus

This bonus will be given to full-time employees based on their overall performances. We usually award performance bonuses twice each year.
On top of the scheduled bonus, ALL employees are qualified to receive a spot bonus for an exceptional performance.

Employee and client referral bonus

Get rewarded by referring your friends to work at Tokyo Techies. This entitles you for an employee referral bonus:

  • A sum 200,000 JPY shall be awarded for successfully introducing a regular full-time employee.
  • A sum of 40,000 JPY shall be awarded for successfully introducing a part-time employee.
You will also be rewarded for new paying clients you refer to us. Compensation amount varies on the cost of the project.


Holidays and Paid Annual Leave

Paid annual leave is awarded to full-time employees which can be used for vacation, sick-leave and other personal matters. You will be entitled to receive a 12-day paid leave in your first year at Tokyo Techies. The duration of paid leave increases with every passing year till it reaches a maximum of 20 days per year.

Team Gathering and Retreat

Tokyo Techies is building a relaxed, yet professional environment for all it’s employees. Some may call us geeks but we love to socialize. We have a regular monthly techies gathering where you can bring your friends and family for a drinking session and share great foods and fancy jokes.
Occasionally, we also plan out of town retreats to show our kids side. Having bbq on the lakeside, road trips and doing some sports activities. After all, we all deserve these for the job well done.

The above list of perks and benefits are only going to get larger and better with time.