FEATURED ARTICLE |  October 04, 2018

Why is Tokyo Techies a Better Choice for Professionals than Coding Bootcamps?

In recent years, the market of coding bootcamps around the world has grown rapidly. Coding bootcamps are usually marketed as the fast, low cost and future-guaranteed education plan for prospective IT engineers. Bootcamps promise their students they can easily get a lucrative job in coding/IT after graduating their full-time yet short-term coding program. In reality, their actual track record tells a different story – coding bootcamps alone are not sufficient enough to bring your programming skills to the next level. Indeed, experience shows that coding bootcamps do not provide the results live training does. In 2017 Audrey Watters from Hackeducation.com reported the closing down of the two world well-known coding bootcamps due to their inability to “find a sustainable model” that could support their vision of “high-quality, immersive coding training”.

At Tokyo Techies, we believe in a prior track record which serves as a determinate predictor of success; and, we strive to provide continuous and customized training in a systematic way to build up our students’ track record gradually but steadily.

If you are trying to build up a reliable programming skills portfolio, here are the reasons why Tokyo Techies may be a better option.

1. World-class mentors supporting you towards your goals

Unlike most of bootcamps, Tokyo Techies offers world-class mentorship – our instructors are from Japan and EU’s top tech corporations with a practical experience of implementing successful commercial projects around the globe. Tokyo Techies’ founder-CEO, Do Ba Duc, has 10 years of professional experience with Softbank, Rakuten, and Line working and leading such projects as WeWork, Rakuten Ichiba. The other mentors are full-stack software engineers/PhDs in Robotics and Computer Science with many years of experience at Japan’s leading companies.

2. World-class mentors supporting you towards your goals

We never ask our students to copy and paste from tutorials just to have “fun experience”. We teach them core computer science concepts, language/platform specific knowledge and practical skills that professional engineers and researchers are using at work. All courses at Tokyo Techies are consistently aligned with our success equation for technology education.

3. Unlock your potential on the grounds of your original ideas

Bootcamps provide a fixed curriculum where a student can acquire basic knowledge without putting it into practice. In an interview with Bloomberg, Henkart, an alumnus of a coding bootcamp expressed his worry about graduates from bootcamps since they “come out with very, very, very basic skills.” Also, Maggie Johnson, Google’s director of education and university relations, stated that “Our experience has found that most graduates from these programs are not quite prepared for software engineering roles at Google.” 2

At Tokyo Techies, on the other hand, we make sure you will learn the fundamentals of programming and have the opportunity to convert your original idea to an actual complete product – you will design and execute your own project from scratch. Our mentors believe that knowledge becomes knowledge only after it is used in a practical way. See our alumni’s successful projects and research papers’ outlines at https://tokyotechies.com/category/custom-projects/

4. More Flexible Scheduling

The intensive coding boot camp course often requires you to fully commit your time to its training program, which may potentially disrupt your daily routine. If you are a parent, you would have to sacrifice your time with your children. If you are a full-time employee/or a student, you would have to put it on hold or quit it all along. In contrast, Tokyo Techies offers you the schedule that matches your timetable and your preferences.

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