FEATURED ARTICLE | October 04, 2015

Welcome to Tokyo Techies!

Tokyo Techies Team Photo

Dear friends,

We are excited to announce that we have just launched Tokyo Techies – A company that provides professional technology education or programming courses/education for all ages! Looking for programming course?

At Tokyo Techies, we believe that the best way to be prepared and thrive in this rapidly changing world is to acquire technology skills by learning from experts with real-world experience. We make it easy for both young students and adults to get started with programming courses. robotics or technical research, and become comfortable with modern technologies to turn their own ideas to working products.

Tokyo Techies is led by Duc Doba, who has more than 10 years of software development/ product management and more than 8 years of mentoring new graduate / engineer/ project manager at Japan’s leading companies like Rakuten, Line, and Softbank. Duc holds a software patent and many professional certificates in IT including Certified Scrum Master and Certified Amazon Web Services Cloud Solution Architect. As a person who is passionate about technology education, he was one of the organizers of Hackademics – the first education hackathon (programming contest) in Japan and Vietnam.

Since the first course started 2 years ago, now Tokyo Techies is offering various extensible technology education , programming courses and custom development / research projects under 3 categories:

  1. Robotics Technologies
  2. Data Science & AI Technologies
  3. Computer Science and Software Development

** Each division runs multiple custom application development / research projects!

Professional Tech Training For All Ages
Tokyo Techies Robotics 2

Alongside with the launch of Tokyo Techies, some programming courses below are now welcoming any students to attend during weekdays!

● Mobile programming with Swift – Beginner level
● Mobile programming with Swift – Beginner/ Intermediate level
● Minecraft with Python – Beginner/ Intermediate level
● Computer science with Java / C++

Anyone is welcome to sign up to get latest updates about FREE trial or upcoming classes. Helpful information about the programming course and classes are also available on our website.

In order to provide quality communication and excellent client service, we have a dedicated email address for general inquiries and concerns. Any questions about tech classes and research projects, please send to info@tokyotechies.com.

Tokyo Techies Team

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