We are a team of professional engineers and researchers who have years of experience at Japan’s leading companies like Softbank, LINE, Rakuten, SONY,… Since we see the BIG PICTURE, we can help our students to reach their maximum potential by identifying their skill level and expectations, then build personalized training plans for them.

Duc Doba

Co-founder and CEO

● Full-stack mobile/web software development
● Cloud infrastructure design and management

● 10 years of software architecture and development at Japan’s leading companies (Rakuten, Line, Softbank)
● 8 years of Mentoring new graduates and engineers
● Certified Scrum Master, Certified AWS Cloud Solution Architect
● Software patent-holder
● Organizer of numerous hackathons in Japan and Vietnam

Victor Torres

Programming, Robotics Tutor

● Full-stack mobile/web software development
● Cloud infrastructure design and management

● Full-stack software engineer in Tokyo
● Teaching science subjects to high-school students and as a teaching assistant in undergraduate level
● Engineering graduate of the Tokyo Institute of Technology

Head of Robotics Technologies

● Robotics navigation, mapping, localization, sensor programming.
● Analogue and digital circuit design in particular for microcontroller based sensor interfaces.

● 6 years robotics hardware/software design and development at a Japanese robotics firm.
● PhD in medical robotics from Imperial College London.
● 2 years of postdoctoral research in medical and mobile robotics at Tokyo University and Chiba Institute of Technology.
● 5 years of work as a private tutor to high-school and college level students in math and science.

Phong Nguyen - Data scientist

Head of Data Science & AI

● Data science
● Artificial intelligence

● Research analyst at a leading corporate lab in Japan by day
● Mentor of numerous research projects for young students and adults
● MS in Data Science at Carnegie Mellon

Cyber Security Specialist & Tech Mentor

● Cyber security
● Project management
● Process improvement
● Robotics

● Self-employed cyber security consultant
● Worked at major international management consultancy
● Founded an IoT startup
● Worked as a software developer
● BSc in Accounting & Finance

Sara Metwalli

Computer Science, Game Development Tutor

● Mobile software development
● Embedded systems design and development

● Android mobile application development
● Teaching Assistant in science for undergraduate level.
● Master degree in Communications and Electronics Engineering.
● Working with Tokyo Institute of Technology Online Education Development Office (OEDO) on designing and analyzing content for edX.
● Currently Enrolled as a PhD researcher in the field of Information and Communications Engineering at Tokyo Institute of Technology.

Programming, Robotics Tutor

● Computer Vision
● Machine Learning

● University-level teaching experience in Electrical Engineering
● MS in Mechano-informatics in progress at the University of Tokyo
● BA/BS in Electrical and Computer Systems at Monash University
● Scored in the 99th percentile on the Victorian Certificate of Education

Robotics, Programming Tutor

● Robotics technologies

● Extensive teaching experience across the college, high school, and primary school levels
● Research experience on emotional communication devices
● Volunteer with TEDx and Slush
● Currently enrolled in an MS in Design Engineering
● BS in Mechanical Engineering from the Tokyo Institute of Technology

Suzanne DBel

Programming Tutor

● Mobile app and game development

● Android mobile application development
● Game development
● Master in Media Design at Keio University
● BEng in Mechatronics Engineering at Nottingham University

Programming, Robotics Tutor

● Software and Hardware design
● Threat analysis and security configuration
● Internet Security and Obfuscation
● Windows Automation

● Technical mentor in Japan
● Cyber Security technician at General Dynamics
● Bachelor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Victoria
● IT technician at the University of Calgary