Tokyo Techies research projects went to Harvard

Students of Tokyo Techies Research at Harvard University!

In the summer of 2017, three Tokyo Techies students took the show on the road to Cambridge, Massachusetts, where they participated in the IETC (International Educational Technology Conference) at Harvard University

Over multiple days, students of tokyo techies research toured corporate labs (including Hitachi), universities (MIT & Harvard), and got the Boston student experience.

At the IETC, the students were lauded for being the youngest presenters ever, and were congratulated for their work. You can read students of tokyo techies research submitted and published conference papers below:

Development of Facial Recognition Algorithm for Marking Attendance

The conventional method, such as manual roll call, is inefficient and time consuming. However, with the application of facial recognition technology, the attendance taking process becomes automated and unobtrusive, thereby making it a smarter alternative to traditional methods.

Open Source Software for Analysis and Correlation of Eye Tracking Data and Standardized Test Performance

An open-source application using a gaze-tracking device for investigating a correlation between reading patterns and superior Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) reading scores is presented.

Effect of Sleep Quality of Examination Performance

This research was conducted because the student was interested in finding out how sleep quality affected exam results. At the time, the student was using a sleep tracking application every night to gather the necessary data for this study. While sleeping, humans become immobile, so a sleep tracking application is needed to track sleeping patterns as data for this project.

Our research mentor: Phong Nguyen – Head of Data science and AI division.

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