TRAINING | July 19, 2018

Sum Up of Our Data Science Workshop for Professionals (July 7-8)

Data science expertise is in high demand – these jobs have been discussed as the sexiest job of the 21st Century by Harvard Business Review! Blending business and technical expertise, data scientists solve business problems through analyzing large amounts of data. Data Science workshop is highly trendily.

The video of the workshop can be viewed here:

Over the last year, we’ve been receiving increasing requests for data science classes from working professionals in many different industries. While they were interested to develop their Data Science and AI skills they couldn’t find suitable courses online or resources elsewhere. To address this need, we decided to run our first 2-day data science workshop last weekend to provide an opportunity for professionals to come learn these analytics topics from scratch.

Our workshop focused on important skills that all data scientists need:

  • Programming
  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Communication
  • Teamwork

Phong Nguyen, our Data science & AI lead, walked the participants through the big picture of data science, basic programming and data analysis exercises in Python, and application of these skills in real-world projects. After the initial explanations, the students went on to hands-on exercises where they were able to directly apply what they had just learned. Near the end of the session the participants were split into groups where they completed and presented a mini data science project.

Understand types of machine learning

Hands-on Data Visualization Exercises in Python

After finishing her project, a participant told us that she never thought that it was feasible to acquire practical skills in Data Science in just 2 days. She stated that she would love to attend additional sessions at Tokyo Techies to learn more about Machine Learning.

A group presentation at Tokyo Techies Data science workshop

The workshop was a great starting point for Tokyo Techies to prove that even those without a technical background can learn Data Science with the correct direction and curriculum. For those who would like to continue learning with us, we have a comprehensive offering of Data Science and AI courses – contact us at to learn more.

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