Tokyo Techies Cyber security meetup

Tokyo Techies Cyber Security Meetup #1

Dear friends,

It was great welcoming you to the first Cyber Security Meetup at Tokyo Techies!

Thank you again for giving us a chance to introduce very unique points in the current professional tech education program for All ages at Tokyo Techies, and the next big thing: Cyber Security Training services for enterprises and end-users!!! At the event, via live demonstrations and detailed explanation given by our Israeli professional security researchers who worked for and trained other experts in the army, hopefully you now have a better overview of cyber security. We also hope that you realized how important it is for yourself and your organizations to take training courses from real-world experts to take proper actions to protect private/ confidential data from being hacked.

We will definitely keep you posted about the launch of the new cyber security training courses next year. Stay tuned!

Tokyo Techies Team

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