CYBER SECURITY | May 29, 2018

The Motivation Behind Tokyo Techies Cyber Security Training Program

What is Cyber Security?

“Cyber Security is the practice of protecting systems, networks, and programs from digital attacks. These attacks are usually aimed at accessing, changing, or destroying sensitive information; extorting money from users; or interrupting normal business processes.” —  Cisco. 

Cyber Security is important because it affects every business and person on the planet.

Reported Cyber Attacks and Their Impacts

Cyber attacks are happening with increasing frequency, sophistication, and impact on businesses. The media has reported numerous incidents which show cyber attacks are no longer an issue that only affect IT workers and firms. Everyone, from chief information security officers (CISOs) to consumers, are potential victims. All IT systems will likely be hacked at some point or another. The only question is when, and how severe the attack will be.

Tokyo Techies - Cyber Attack

People may wonder what could be the worst case scenario? The answer is quite simple: being hacked without your knowledge.

The dangers of  inattentive staff or employees not understanding the basic cyber security practices is very high — as is the risk posed by IT systems that are poorly designed or maintained. This is especially the case for companies and organizations with zero investment in cyber security audits, or cyber security awareness training for all staff.

In fact, digital attacks can result in permanent damage to brand image. For example, the ransomware attack that hit Erie County Medical Center left the Buffalo, NY area hospital needing more than three months to fully recover from the incident, with total costs of ten million dollars.

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Security Awareness – The status quo

According to a survey conducted by Japan Information Services Audit Association, in Japan, just 20% of big enterprises and 7% of small-to-middle sized businesses have conducted cyber security audits for their products and services. This low figure is mostly a result of a low level of awareness of cyber security risks.

Company size (Number) Executed Not executed Unknown
Large companies (541) 20% 79.7% 0.4%
Medium size companies (951) 7.2% 91.7% 1.2%
Local Government Organizations (172) 4.7% 95.3% 0.0%
Hospitals (109) 4.6% 95.4% 0.0%
Universities (175) 9.1% 90.3% 0.6%
Others (70) 11.4% 88.6% 0.0%

Recently, companies and organizations of every size are finally starting to realize the importance of cyber security, and to do something about information security. Many large enterprises have invested significantly in security solutions (anti-virus softwares, infrastructure security monitoring systems, and so on). However, only a few of them consider cyber security education for designers and users thoroughly. After all the lack of security awareness of system designers and users are the main exploitable opportunities for hackers. After all, the lack of security awareness on the part of IT system designers, and human error on the part of system users, are the main sources of exploitable opportunities for hackers.

The demand of cyber security expertise

The cyber security market is growing extremely fast. Gartner forecasts worldwide security spending will reach US$96 billion in 2018, up 8% from 2017. Another market research conducted by Computer Futures — also shows that the demand for cyber security skills are increasing very quickly over the last 2 years:

Tokyo Techies - Cyber security skills demands - Computer Futures

IT Engineers who are well educated about cyber security will have the potential to become security engineers, senior system architects or even CISOs (experts in the field of Cyber Security). The cyber security training courses conducted by our partner successfully proved that computer science students can potentially learn to become cyber security experts at a very young age if educated in a well-structured and ethical way. Anyone with cyber security knowledge will be able to think “outside the box” and formulate solutions to unique real world problems.

Tokyo Techies’ Opinion

Tokyo Techies believes that any organization needs to raise its employees’ cyber security knowledge and capabilities. Cyber security shouldn’t be treated as a kind of “insurance”. Making investments to design and maintain secured IT systems should be emphasized as a necessary procedure from the early stages of a company.

Keep in mind that cyber security software will only reduce the risks. The best way to stay safe is to invest on your own security knowledge and awareness. In addition to learning the basic cyber security principles and strategies to design secure IT systems, we believe that all IT engineers should learn how to hack. Why? Because we believe the best way to stop the hackers from harming the systems is to learn how to think as hackers and use the same tools/ methods that the hackers would use to conduct the attacks.

Our Solutions

At Tokyo Techies, we enable anybody —  from students to IT professionals — to get access to cyber security education. We are going to launch multiple workshops and training courses for IT professionals and young students in the very near future to further expand our offerings.

Tokyo Techies Cyber Security Workshop

With a strong partnership with ThinkCyber — an Israeli cyber security training and consulting firm which has experience training intelligence units and big enterprises all over the world, we aim at producing more IT engineers who are well educated about Cyber Security and capable of designing and building secure systems. We are also encouraging our computer science students to learn to become cyber security experts in the future in a well-structured and ethical way.

We at Tokyo Techies are proud to be a part of these efforts to make the online world a safer and more productive space!

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