Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

For enrolling in technology education programs from Tokyo Techies (TT).


1. “Service(s)” refers to technology education programs at TT.
2. “Client(s)” refers to any person using TT’s Services.
3. “Course(s)” refers to short term class or workshop which has 2-10 lessons.
4. “Project(s)” refers to the classes held on a regular basis and having no specific deadline. A Project idea may be started by TT tutors or the Clients.
5. “Group class(s)” refers to the classes having more than 2 Clients.

Modification of these Terms and Conditions​

TT reserves the right to modify the Terms and Conditions TT deems necessary, without providing prior notice to Clients. The modification will become effective once the modified Terms and Conditions are posted on an appropriate location within the website operated by TT. Clients shall refer to the Terms and Conditions on a regular basis when using our Services, since a separate notification regarding the modification to Terms and Conditions may not be provided.

Group class

The minimum required number of Clients for group classes is three. TT reserves the right to cancel classes if there aren’t at least three sign-ups before Course commencement.


TT is responsible for helping the Clients to define the Project scope and come up with an implementation plan. TT can help the Clients to estimate the deadline of the Project, however the actual completion date may vary depending on the Clients’ commitment and performance.


1. In general, any tuition fees paid by Clients will be refunded in full in case of cancellation by TT.
2. For a lesson:
– In case cancellation request is made by the client a week before the lesson, no tuition fees will be refunded.
– In case the tutor in charge of the lesson is absent, TT is responsible to assign a substitute tutor or schedule a make-up lesson.
3. For Courses:
– Any tuition fees paid by Clients will be refunded in full in case of course cancellation by TT.
– No tuition fees will be refunded if the cancellation request is made by the client later than 7 days before the first lesson.
4. For Projects:
In case there are 2 Clients and one of them cancel in the middle of the Project, TT will proceed private one-on-one lessons for the remaining Client without changing the tuition fee. However TT reserves the right to add more Clients to the class at appropriate timing.


Prior to class commencement and sign-up, TT will invite the Clients to indicate their scheduling preferences. Whereas every effort will be made to consider everyone’s preferences, TT reserves the right to select the schedule that will be convenient to a majority of the Clients and our tutors.

Sign Up

1. Before signing up to any Services, the Clients must read carefully and accept our Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions.
2. Late sign-ups for a Course are permitted until the second lesson. Sign-ups will not be permitted after the second lesson since it is infeasible for the Clients to catch up if two lessons have gone by.

Make-up Class

1. One free make-up class will be provided at the end of a Course for absences and/or missed lessons. This is only applicable to a student who is under a 1-on-1 private tutoring class.
2. Clients may request private one-on-one make-up lessons with extra fee should they wish to have complete coverage (i.e full 2 hours for each lesson) for absences and/or missed lessons.
3. Absence due to sickness is acceptable only once during a course, or once per month during a long project.

Invoicing and Payment

1. Group classes will be invoiced and billed on the first day or first Monday of the actual month for the number of sessions booked within that month.
(For example: Group classes booked for the month of April 2018 will be invoiced and billed on Monday, April 2, 2018)
2. Invoiced charges are due net 7 days from the invoice date.
3. Our system relies on the Stripe secure payment gateway to support online payment.
4. Clients are responsible for providing complete and accurate billing and contact information to TT and for notifying TT of any changes to such information.

TT’s responsibilities

1. provide necessary resources (hardware + software) for the lessons and these are included in the tuition fees. Some advanced Courses have optional and/or extra costs involved and these will be explicitly specified before Course commencement. For example, Robotics 2 has an optional cost if Clients wish to retain the developed robot at the end of the Course and the Mobile Programming Class with Swift requires use of a Mac computer which should be provided for by the Clients.
2. send lessons reports to Clients by email at the end of each lesson summarizing what was taught and any additional details that Clients ought to review (e.g Client performance and participation in class)
3. provide the curriculum in the form of printed handouts/ slides/ videos at the beginning/end of each lesson.
4. maintain the quality of all lessons to the highest standard possible.


Clients should not engage in anti-social or disruptive behavior that distract other Clients.

If you have any questions about our Terms and Conditions, please feel free to contact us.

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