TRAINING | August 20, 2018

Tokyo Techies Tech Summer Classes Review 2018

Review of tech summer school at tokyo techies. When tech talent is short supply, a demand for professional coders, game developers, robotics engineers, and data scientists continues to increase. For employers, the need to recruit graduate students before they sign elsewhere is greater, while fewer professionals may see the need to go back to school to get ahead. This is a great opportunity, and an ever-increasing number of parents are turning to tech summer schools rather than a traditional one. As the email inquiries pile up and parents turning up at our office for this program, Tokyo Techies summer school was born.

Why attend Tokyo Techies tech summer school?

Tokyo Techies tech summer school is a cut above the rest. Unlike the normal large group computer classes that were never practical in schools or internet courses that didn’t do much help in knowledge application, Tokyo Techies tech programs teach hard skills for future careers, fostering valuable 21st-century life skills like professional coding, software development, robotics, artificial intelligence application and many more.

With years of development with professional engineers and researchers, we are uniquely positioned to raise the standards for a comprehensive tech education, making us one of the most preferable tech summer destinations in Japan.

Why is programming important for kids, teens, and everyone?

Programming is the foundation of success in the tech world. Jeff Bezos, the founder of knew this. He was a computer science major which led him to have a deeper understanding of the web and the systems running behind it. His journey into programming allows him to build such a massive tech company. It is estimated that only 10 percent of schools teach computer science, but with just one hour of exposure, it can be enough to transform a student’s life, as it did with Jeff Bezos.

In the 21st century, education cannot be just a program you study to get a job in the tech world, it needs to be more. Education must also build character and life skills, this is important even if one wants to be a nurse, a journalist, an accountant, a lawyer, or even a president. So where will the next Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg,, and other notable figures get their education? Tokyo Techies would be the destination. Click here for the courses that we offer.

What did we do in tech summer 2018? – Minecraft with Python

With our partner, Tokyo Academics, we collaborated on introducing and having tech classes for elementary and middle school kids in Japan. At Tokyo Techies, we know that tech-inspired students can accomplish far more than they are typically expected to do at a particular grade or age. Starting them young, we decided to embed Minecraft into Python programming to keep students engage and to learn efficiently about the world of coding. Python is one of the most popular coding languages there is and we hope that the students can leave a legacy behind not just with Python, but at Tokyo Techies.

The future of tech summer school at Tokyo Techies

The idea behind Tokyo Techies summer school is simple – we want to help students to develop skills that prepare them for the job market in the near future. To that end, we will be incorporating computer science, unmanned vehicle technology, artificial intelligence and data science into our future summer classes.  Students will be conducting research projects with professional engineers and academicians. We know how to get kids and student excited about tech and we know how to motivate them to learn. Learning never stops even during summer breaks!

Do keep up with us on the latest tech courses available or even book a place in next year’s (2019) tech summer school program.  

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