At Tokyo Techies, all students are welcomed to come up with original ideas of research / custom application development project. Our professional engineers and researchers with years of real-world product development experience constantly offer the maximum support to turn those ideas into complete and working products or even research papers!

Some examples of recently completed projects include:
  1. Soccer player performance tracking application (Prototype + scientific publication)
  2. SAT reading analysis  (App + scientific publication)
  3. Effect of sleep on cognitive ability (Scientific Publication)
  4. Smart chess bot for iOS ( iPhone Application)
  5. Facial recognition smart attendance system (Scientific publication)
  6. Underwater robot (Prototype)
Would you like to work on something similar? Let us arrange a face to face discussion where you can pitch some ideas or we propose some to you! Based on the feasibility and other factors, we can then select a project and one of our tutors will then become your mentor. Please note that such long term projects will require your dedication over a couple of months and that you will be responsible for procurement of any necessary hardware.