Professional Training Courses

Data Science & AI

Machine Learning – Beginner Level

Learn basic programming with Python / R. Develop understanding of data structure. Gain skills to use regression model to predict continuous value.

Machine Learning – Intermediate Level

Gain Intermediate-Advanced programming skills with Python and hands-on experience in how to build and train Machine Learning models with real datasets.

Machine Learning – Advanced Level

Learn the most powerful models in machine learning, artificial neural network. Apply neural networks in different tasks and understand how they works.

Data science with Python/R for Beginner Level

Learn basic programming with Python/R. Acquire skills to read, write, and analyze simple dataset. Attempt to visualize your dataset for further usage.

Data science with Python for Intermediate Level

Learn programming with Python like a Data Scientist. Acquire fundamental skills to read, write, analyze, and apply simple machine learning in dataset.


Robotics to try basic robot design – Beginner Level

Acquire microcontroller programming skills with C++-based Arduino code. Learn operation of electronic servos, buzzers, LEDS, and basic robot design.

Robotics to create simple vehicles – Intermediate Level

Learn what ultrasonic sensors are. Create a simple vehicle using an integrated circuit, then program and control the vehicle to detect and avoid obstacles.

Robotics to make a small IoT device – Advanced Level

Use various sensors and hardware with single board computers. Implement a sufficiently complex IoT project independently.

Robot Operating System (ROS) – Level 1

Install Robot Operating System from scratch. Create and build catkin packages. Create 3D robot models and perform simulation.

Robot Operating System (ROS) – Level 2

Understand the navigation principles of wheeled mobile robots. Use 2D Lidars. Create a map of an environment with a real robot.

Software Development

React Native and Cloud development – Advanced Level

Build a real mobile app with React Native. Obtain knowledge on how to build mobile applications and fundamental understanding what is a full-stack development.

Introduction to Professional Software Development

This course is your entry point into the world of professional software development. Get started in programming (Python or Javascript), GIT version control, documentation, and testing.


Computer science with Python – Beginner Level

Understand basic computer science concepts. Become familiar with a specific programming language. Complete some online coding challenges for beginners.

Computer science with Python – Intermediate Level

Acquire advanced programming skills with Python. Gain ability to extend Python by using various libraries and skills to optimize code for speed and clarity.

Computer science with Python – Advanced Level

Experience advanced programming skills with Python. Gain deep understanding of many layers of enterprise application and knowledge on designing algorithms.

Computer science with Java – Beginner Level

Gain the fundamental understanding of Java programming, key concepts covered in Computer Science AP and the capability of using Java to write basic programs.

Computer science with Java – Intermediate Level

Gain in-depth understanding of Java usage in computer science, ability to extend Java and skills to optimize code for speed and clarity.

Computer science with Java – Advanced Level

Gain advanced programming skills with Java. Acquire knowledge how to build APIs. Develop fundamental understanding of databases and how they scale.


Cyber Security Fundamentals

Learn the fundamental methods by which hackers and cyber criminals operate. Acquire hands-on experience on how to launch cyber attacks and defend against attacks.

Cyber Security – Intermediate Level

Gain practical computer penetration skills by performing enumeration, information gathering, and making use of software exploits. Learn how to secure networks by practicing the attacks that threaten them. 

Cyber Security – Advanced

Practice advanced cyber-security techniques to infiltrate computer systems and defeat common defenses. Learn how to perform realistic penetration-testing.



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