Visa Application Support Platform

Target User: Immigration law firms

Target Issue: Difficult to serve and track progress of too many requests
from clients (replying similar inquiries over and over again, creating invoices, etc) with existing manual process, resulting in lost opportunities.

Product Features: Visa application support platform powered by AI, has following key features:

  • Automatic generation of relevant visa application based on inputs by individuals
  • Automatic generation of quotation and invoices associated with services
  • Appointment scheduling and booking of services
  • Filtering customers in several categories for smooth and fast response
  • Chatbot to facilitate instant response to FAQs

E-Learning Platform

Target User: Educational institute

Target Issue: Lack of solution in place to manage multiple teaching centers with thousands of students, teaching contents and homework. This make it hard to maximize learning outcomes.

Product Features:

  • Manage all stakeholders involved in the system: Training centers, schools, classrooms, staffs, teachers, students, parents, etc.
  • Manage resources: syllabus, teacher / student books, book / slide / video lectures, exercises, exams, exam study results, etc.
  • Allow students to do homework / practice exam on web/mobile application or interacting with AI Chatbot
  • Automate the internal management processes
  • Create interactive channels between parents, students and teachers.
  • Exploiting system resources and users to create a new service model.