AI BLOG | November 21, 2017

An Open Source Software for Post-Match Spatio Temporal Performance Analysis of Soccer Players

Taiwan Conference

One of our students, TC,  is a star soccer player and is a member of his school’s soccer team. A year ago TC’s coach talked to him about investigating methods with which he could track his performance and use it to improve his playing style. The use of traditional methods such as reviewing video footage of games was not desirable since this was time consuming and did not reveal any hard statistics about player performance. Thus, in his quest to create an innovative solution, TC conducted a research project here at Tokyo Techies with his mentor.

After initial brainstorming, TC and his mentor elected to use a GPS device for each player since GPS devices are small, inexpensive and collect absolute position information. Post game, the data is retrieved and the player’s entire two-dimensional movement throughout the game can be reconstructed and played back. In addition to that, metrics such as player instantaneous velocity, distance ran, percentage possession and total touches can also be calculated and displayed. Here is the first version of TC’s app demonstrating his results.

TC then submitted a paper detailing his work to the International Conference on Biomedical Engineering Innovation under the category of Sports. The submission was peer reviewed and accepted and the student went all the way to Taiwan where he presented his work in front of dozens of scientists and researchers!

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