Featured Technical Mentors

Duc Doba

Co-founder and CEO

● Full-stack mobile/web software development
● Cloud infrastructure design and management

● 10 years of software architecture and development at Japan’s leading companies (Rakuten, Line, Softbank)
● 8 years of Mentoring new graduates and engineers
● Certified Scrum Master, Certified AWS Cloud Solution Architect
● Software patent-holder
● Organizer of numerous hackathons in Japan and Vietnam

Head of Robotics Technologies

● Robotics navigation, mapping and localisation and sensor programming.
● Analogue and digital circuit design in particular for microcontroller based sensor interfaces.

● 6 years robotics hardware and software design and development at a Japanese robotics firm based in Tokyo.
● PhD in medical robotics from Imperial College London.
● 2 years of postdoctoral research in medical and mobile robotics at Tokyo University and Chiba Institute of Technology.
● 5 years of work as a private tutor to high-school and college level students in math and science.

Phong Nguyen - Data scientist

Head of Data Science & AI Technologies

● Data science
● Artificial intelligence

● Research analyst at a leading corporate lab in Japan by day
● Mentor of numerous research projects for young students and adults
● MS in Data Science at Carnegie Mellon

Full-stack Software Development Tutor

● Full-stack software development
● Cloud engineer

● 8 years of experience at IT companies in Germany, Poland, Switzerland and Japan
● Formal cloud engineer / Solution architect at Swisscom
● Certified Scrum Master
● MS in Computer Science at Poznan University of Technology
● Researcher at Poznan University of Economics
● Volunteer worker at Orphanage

Sara Metwalli

Computer Science, Game Development Tutor

● Mobile software development
● Embedded systems design and development

● Android mobile application development
● Teaching Assistant in science for undergraduate level.
● Master degree in Communications and Electronics Engineering.
● Working with Tokyo Institute of Technology Online Education Development Office (OEDO) on designing and analyzing content for edX.
● Currently Enrolled as a PhD researcher in the field of Information and Communications Engineering at Tokyo Institute of Technology.

Programming, Robotics Tutor

● Computer Vision
● Machine Learning

● University-level teaching experience in Electrical Engineering
● MS in Mechano-informatics in progress at the University of Tokyo
● BA/BS in Electrical and Computer Systems at Monash University
● Scored in the 99th percentile on the Victorian Certificate of Education

Victor Torres

Programming, Robotics Tutor

● Full-stack mobile/web software development
● Cloud infrastructure design and management

● Full-stack software engineer in Tokyo
● Teaching science subjects to high-school students and as a teaching assistant in undergraduate level
● Engineering graduate of the Tokyo Institute of Technology

Robotics, Programming Tutor

● Robotics technologies

● Extensive teaching experience across the college, high school, and primary school levels
● Research experience on emotional communication devices
● Volunteer with TEDx and Slush
● Currently enrolled in an MS in Design Engineering
● BS in Mechanical Engineering from the Tokyo Institute of Technology

Suzanne DBel

Programming Tutor

● Mobile app and game development

● Android mobile application development
● Game development
● Master in Media Design at Keio University
● BEng in Mechatronics Engineering at Nottingham University

Programming, Robotics Tutor

● Software and Hardware design
● Threat analysis and security configuration
● Internet Security and Obfuscation
● Windows Automation

● Technical mentor in Japan
● Cyber Security technician at General Dynamics
● Bachelor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Victoria
● IT technician at the University of Calgary

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