1. What courses do Tokyo Techies offers?

Tokyo Techies offers a wide range of courses. In order to check the available courses along with details about their contents, please click here

2. Can a person with no technical background enroll in a course at Tokyo Techies?

Yes, a person with no technical background can definitely take any of the offered courses. Before starting any course, Tokyo Techies offers a Free Diagnosis Meeting for each student (separately) to help them and us understand the level of the student as well as their expectations of the course outcomes. Based on that information, our experienced mentors/tutors create an interactive/well structured teaching plan personalized for each student.

3. Who are the tutors teaching at Tokyo Techies?

Tokyo Techies is proud to have professional engineers and researchers who has working experience at Japan’s leading companies and universities such as Rakuten, Line, Softbank, Tokyo institute of Technology, Tokyo University, National Institute of Informatics.

4. What course types does Tokyo Techies offer?

Pre-built Training Course: The students can apply from our COURSE LIST then choose to take 1-on-1 private lessons or group lessons.
Custom Project / Intense Course: Tokyo Techies builds the contents and adjust the schedule based on the students’ requests.
Workshop: In will include more than 10 participants, one tutor and teaching assistant(s).
For reference, please check our Terms & Conditions.

5. How many sessions does each course have?

Usually, it depends on the course a student is opting for. In general, a short course can have 8 ~ 12 sessions (16 ~ 24 hours). A research/development project can take more than 30 sessions. The number of sessions also depends on the understanding level/ pace of the students and their achievement goals.
Normally, there is 1 session/ week. However, the course type i.e. Custom Project/ Intense Course, will have 2-3 sessions per week, depending on the availability of both the students and their assigned tutor. Hence, students can opt for any course type based upon their requirement.

6. What is the fee?

Starting July 01, 2019, the prices are:

1-on-1 private session: 24,000 JPY + tax / 2-hour lesson.
Group session for 2 students: 12,000 JPY + tax / 2-hour lesson / student.
Group session for 3+ students: 7,000 JPY + tax / 2-hour lesson / student..
Intense Course/Custom Project: 30,000 JPY + tax / 2-hour lesson.
* The price may change depending on the course. The hourly rates mentioned above are for reference only.

7. In case I miss a session, does Tokyo Techies offer any makeup sessions?

Yes, but we only offer make-up session to a 1-on-1 private tutoring class. One free make-up session will be provided at the end of a course for absences and/or missed lessons. Student may request private one-on-one make-up lessons with extra fee should they wish to have complete coverage (i.e full 2 hours for each lesson) for
absences and/or missed lessons. For more details, please check our Terms & Conditions.

8. How soon can I start my sessions?

For 1-on-1 private sessions & Intense Course/Custom Project, a student may start as soon as a tutor is available. For Group Sessions, student may need to wait until enough students are interested in the same course.

9. Will there be any summary/homework after each session?

After every session, our tutors will send a “Lesson Summary” email to students and their parents to keep them aware of the course progress. This email will also include details for homework.

10. Can I cancel/reschedule any of the sessions?

Yes, cancellation and rescheduling are acceptable based on the terms stated in our Terms & Conditions.

11. When and how is the payment process done?

After the Free Diagnosis Meeting and deciding the course suitable for the students’ requirement/ background level, Tokyo Techies admins will email the client an invoice to the client with the course’s charge. Clients can then pay either via Credit Card (by registering their Credit Card in our safe and secure payment system) or via Bank Transfer, depending on what their preference.

12. Will I get any certification after I complete any of the courses?

Yes, after completing a course, student will get a certificate from Tokyo Techies indicating that the student has finished the course successfully.

13. What after completion of course?

After completing a course successfully, a student can opt for an advanced level on the same topic to gain more in depth knowledge of said topic or choose to study a new topic related to the one they already completed. Students, also, can get in touch with our professional tutors to know more about that or, if they prefer, send an email to: info@tokyotechies.com for more information.

14. Can I take lessons online?

Yes. Tokyo Techies also provide remote lessons via Skype and TeamViewer.

15. Does Tokyo Techies support students to find jobs?

Yes. Tokyo Techies can introduce our students to the tech companies in our network.

16. What is the required OS in Machine Learning or Data Science class?

Either Windows or MAC is fine.

17. Is consultation meeting free?

We provide free consultation meeting once. If students/parents requested for another consultation meeting, there will be a charge of 3,000 JPY + tax per hour.