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At Tokyo Techies students participate in research projects throughout the year. These projects lead students to a deeper understanding of technical skills through direct application. Today we sit down with the head of research and ask him why research is important for students of any age.

Interview with the Head of Research

Q1: Why is research relevant for students?

A1: Research is relevant for students because this is the most exciting period to be working in the science and technology field. This is largely due to the rising levels of popularity, interest and funding. Generally speaking, students are only given formal research exposure once they enter graduate school. In some countries they receive proper guidance and are given exposure from the undergraduate level. However, in most cases real research experience is not available to students until college. I believe that the key to improving research skills is a matter of exposure, therefore it is important that students take part in formal research opportunities from a young age.

At Tokyo Techies, students participate in various research projects. Often times the team consists of the instructor and one or two students.

Q2: What have students gotten out of being a part of research projects at Tokyo Techies?

A2: At Tokyo Techies, students first take a basic programming or robotics course. Afterwards, they usually participate in a personal or group research project that further strengthens their understanding of a topic. For example, two of my students worked on an underwater robot with the capability of diving up to 75 meters. During this project they experienced hands-on engineering with electronics and sensors. One of my other students is currently working on a soccer GPS device that obtains soccer data. Throughout the project he learned to program and code in C++ at a higher level. Upon completion, the GPS will be deployed in his school soccer team. By completing these research projects, students were able to develop the ability to apply their programming and robotics knowledge.

Q3: I have no experience with research, is it too late for me to start?

A3: It’s never too late to start learning a new skill, provided you have sufficient guidance, instruction, motivation and passion. In fact, we are holding the Young Researchers’ Conference 2018 here in Japan. The conference will consist of presentations made by high school researchers from around the world. We accept applications for research papers from high school students. This conference would be a great opportunity for any student to start their journey with research and technology.

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