Robotics - Intermediate Level

Difficulty: ⭐️⭐️⭐️☆☆


This course is an extension to the beginner course that covers more advanced sensors and actuators.The goal of this course is to use those sensors and actuators to create an autonomous vehicle with the ability to detect and avoid obstacles.

Learning outcomes:

By the end of this course, students will:

  • Know what ultrasonic sensors are, how they are used for measuring distances and be able to write a program that can measure distances
  • Be able to use liquid crystal displays for displays values measured from the  ultrasonic sensor
  • Be able to control the speed and direction of a dc motor
  • Create a simple vehicle using the integrated circuit and program control the vehicle to detect and avoid obstacles


Arduino Beginner Level

Curriculum For This Course

      1. Ultrasonic sensors
      2. Circuit diagram / wiring sensor to Arduino
      3. Programming the Arduino to measure distances using ultrasonic sensor
      1. Using LCD Displays
      2. Circuit diagram / Wiring LCD to Arduino
      3. Programming the Arduino to display characters on the LCD
      1. Integrating ultrasonic sensors and LCDs
      2. Wiring and Programming both devices at the same time
      3. Measure distance using ultrasonic sensor and display value on LCD
      1. Controlling DC Motors
      2. Programing Arduino to control motor speed
      1. Controlling DC Motors II
      2. Programing Arduino to control motor direction
      1. Obstacle Avoidance and Detection using ultrasonic sensor
      2. Controlling motor speed and direction based on ultrasonic sensor

Robot Assembly

      1. Robot Behavioral Programming
      2. Programming robot to follow a path, avoid obstacles, follow a moving obstacle, follow moving obstacle and maintain a constant distance


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Tokyo Techies Lecturer

Abbi Hamed

Robotics engineer

Did a research degree in medical robotics and then got into mobile robotics after moving to Japan. Expertise is quite broad rather than specialist having worked on robot touch sensors, laser distance sensors, mechanical design, microcontrollers, robot operating system (ROS), mobile robot navigation and other things.

Has experience in teaching over several years as a personal tutor and teaching assistant;