Robotics - Beginner Level

In light of the global pandemic we are experiencing, we will not be accepting any new students for now.

We will post updates on the class schedule once we are assured on safety of everyone.

Difficulty: ⭐️☆☆☆☆


In this course, students will learn the basics of circuitry and robotics based on the Arduino microcontroller. Elementary devices such as LEDs, buzzers, and servo motor will be covered. Students will program these devices with the Arduino microcontroller board using a simplified version of C programming.

Learning outcomes:

By the end of this course, students will learn:

  • Microcontroller programming skills with C++-based Arduino code
  • Basic electronics troubleshooting skills
  • Operation of electronic servos, buzzers, LEDS, and pushbuttons
  • Basic robot design


Basic PC use

Curriculum For This Course

      1. Introduction to robotics (microcontrollers and microprocessors)
      2. Robot definition and operation
      1. Digital outputs
      2. LEDS / how to wire LEDs to a microcontroller
      3. Program a microcontroller to control the flashing of an LEDs
      1. Getting inputs
      2. Push buttons / how to interface a push button to a microcontroller
      3. Digital inputs
      4. Program a microcontroller to read a button press
      1. Test
      2. Integrating LEDs and push button to create a Traffic light system
      1. Sound control
      2. Buzzers / wiring a buzzer to a microcontroller
      3. Program a microcontroller to creates tones and music on a buzzer
      1. First control system
      2. Integrating LEDs, push button and buzzers to create a Traffic light system
      1. Motor/servo control
      2. Program a microcontroller to control a servo
      3. Robot assembly
      1. Programming
      2. Robot behavioral programming


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Tokyo Techies Lecturer

Abbi Hamed

Robotics engineer

Did a research degree in medical robotics and then got into mobile robotics after moving to Japan. Expertise is quite broad rather than specialist having worked on robot touch sensors, laser distance sensors, mechanical design, microcontrollers, robot operating system (ROS), mobile robot navigation and other things.

Has experience in teaching over several years as a personal tutor and teaching assistant;