Mobile programming with Swift - Intermediate Level


  • 8 sessions of Classes
  • Tokyo Techies Custom Curriculum
  • Certificate On Completion

Cancellation before the second lesson is FREE of charge

Mobile Programming With Swift



Language: English


This course provides more in-depth knowledge about computer science concepts and how to use iOS SDK components to build complete app from scratch. Students will learn how to work with multiple screens, multiple user interface elements, customize built-in behaviors, design flexible layout and screen transition flow.

Learning outcomes:

By the end of this course, students will achieve:

  • Intermediate~advanced programming skills in Swift
  • More complicated user interface with standard iOS user interface components
  • Advanced calculation techniques to check game rules

Curriculum For This Course

  • A quick look at expected results and implementation strategy
  • Setup basic UI structure for the game
  • UINavigationController and basic screen transitions
  • UIViewController life cycle
  • Handle screen transition with/without interface builder
  • Introduction to Protocol in Swift
  • Introduction to UITableViewController (static)
  • Basic UITableViewCell types
  • UITableViewDelegate
  • UITableViewController event handling
  • Handling input text using UITextField
  • Review basic data types: String, Character
  • Object Oriented Programming (OOP): Class & Subclass, Inheritance, Method overriding
  • Validate text inputs
  • Introduction to Autolayout
  • StackView
  • Create and handle outlet collection
  • Create a custom protocol
  • Pass data across ViewControllers
  • Use 2D array to manage game board data
  • Draw game board
  • Handle touch event
  • Complete basic human-vs-human game interface
  • Check game over status
  • Use UIAlertController to show messages (Welcome/ Game over)
  • Reset game board status
  • Add sound effects
  • Introduction to NSUserDefaults
  • Pause and save game status locally
  • Use UIAlertController to show messages (Welcome/ Game over)
  • Implement user interface and a simple bot for human-vs-machine mode
  • Complete the simple bot
  • Deploy and test on real devices
  • Implement additional ideas (eg: Help screen, additional effects)
  • Wrap up

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Duc Doba

CEO, Head of instructors

Duc has more than 10 years of software development/ product management and more than 8 years of mentoring new graduate / engineer/ project manager at Japan’s leading companies like Rakuten, Line, and Softbank. Duc holds a software patent and many professional certificates in IT including Certified Scrum Master and Certified AWS Cloud Solution Architect. As a person who is passionate about technology education, he was one of the organizers of Hackademics – the first education hackathon (programming contest) in Japan and Vietnam.