• 8 sessions of Classes
  • Tokyo Techies Custom Curriculum
  • Certificate On Completion

Cancellation before the second lesson is FREE of charge

Mobile Programming With Swift



Language: English


This course is designed to give students necessary knowledge and skills to develop a complete, working application running on iOS devices from scratch over the span of 8 lessons. One of the goals is to help students to feel the sense of the joy and fun in mobile app programming. Students from novice to advanced programming skill levels are welcomed.

Learning outcomes:

By the end of this course, students will achieve:

  • Basic programming concepts
  • How to write a program in Swift
  • How to use iOS development tools
  • How to use basic user interface (UI) components in the iOS SDK
    (SDK: Software development kit)
  • Basic steps to build a complete iOS app from scratch


  • Zero to basic programming skills
  • A Macbook/Macbook Pro / Macbook Air running latest version of OS X.

Curriculum For This Course

  • Course Introduction
  • Programming basics
  • Xcode playground
  • Swift programming basics
  • How to self study at home?
  • Basic control flows
  • Nested for loop
  • Solve printing patterns
  • Class
  • Protocol
  • Getting started with iOS UI programming
  • UIViewController
  • View hierarchy
  • UILabel
  • UIButton
  • Xcode Interface builder
  • Eyes Training Game Project Overview
  • Basic UI Elements setup
  • UIImage
  • Event handling
  • Animation handling
  • Cordinate handling
  • Score calculation
  • UIAlertController
  • Add sound effect
  • Handle Background Color Pro-grammatically
  • Deploy to real devices

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Duc Doba

CEO, Head of instructors

Duc has more than 10 years of software development/ product management and more than 8 years of mentoring new graduate / engineer/ project manager at Japan’s leading companies like Rakuten, Line, and Softbank. Duc holds a software patent and many professional certificates in IT including Certified Scrum Master and Certified AWS Cloud Solution Architect. As a person who is passionate about technology education, he was one of the organizers of Hackademics – the first education hackathon (programming contest) in Japan and Vietnam.