Machine Learning - Advanced Level

Difficulty: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Machine learning is an important field of Artificial Intelligence by giving the machine the power to improve its performance by consumes more and more data. In this course, we will learn the most powerful models in machine learning, artificial neural network. This model is inspired by the how human brain is structured: connection of different neurons. We will learn the state-of-the art models and practical problems associated with different neural network architecture.

Learning outcomes:

By the end of this course, students will achieve:

  • Programming skills to build a neural network
  • Apply neural networks in different tasks such as regression or classification
  • Understand how neural network works
  • Basic understanding of image data

Curriculum For This Course

      1. Introduction to deep learning
      2. Introduction to deep learning framework
      3. Fully connected neural network
      4. Forward network
      1. How neural network can learn
      2. Gradient descent
      3. Back propagation
      4. Introduction to Keras
      5. Build the first neural network
      1. Neural network for classification
      2. MNIST dataset
      3. Fully connected neural network to classify MNIST
      1. Neural network for classification
      2. SP500 stock exchange dataset
      3. Fully connected neural network to predict stock price
      1. Convolution neural network
      2. Parameters of a CNN
        1. Height, Width
        2. Stride
        3. Padding
      3. Features of CNN
      4. Build a simple CNN

Dog and Cat image classification

      1. Recurrent Neural Network
      2. Representation learning
      3. Prediction of the next words
      1. Reinforcement learning
      2. Bandit problem
      3. Exploration vs Exploitation
      1. Epsilon-greedy Policy
      2. UCB


Deep Q-learning


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Tokyo Techies Lecturer

Phong Nguyen

Head of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Department

  • Data Science and Research Mentor at Tokyo Techies
  • Master Graduate from Carnegie Mellon University.
  • Researcher in an AI lab at a big global corporation.
  • Global working experience in Singapore, Australia, US, Vietnam and Japan.
  • A results-oriented Researcher and Data Guru with vast managerial and technical experience in financial management, marketing, business planning.
  • Adapt at programming in multiple different languages, such as Java, Python and R.