Introduction to Professional Software Development

This course is your entry point into the world of professional software development. Get started in programming with one of the two most popular programming languages (Python and Javascript), learn source control using Git, how to prepare software documentation, basic testing and setting up your personal development environment.

No previous experience is required. This course aims to prepare you with the knowledge and skills you need to start your own projects or a career change, following the best practices of professional software developers worldwide.


Learning outcomes

  • Acquire basic-intermediate programming and problem-solving skills in Python or Javascript
  • Understand and know how to use GIT for version control (CLI and GUI)
  • Know how to set-up a personal development environment and workflow
  • Be able to write and publish software documentation
  • Be able to design and execute unit tests for their programs
  • Use continuous integration tools to automate code testing and monitoring
  • Be familiar with online knowledge bases for troubleshooting and technical reference

Upcoming Courses/Workshops

*The below course structure and cost is intended for individuals. To know the details of our course offering for companies, please contact us.


Nghia Truong

Head of AI Product Development
  • Machine Learning consultant and mentor at Tokyo Techies
  • 6+ years of experience working at software service development companies in Japan.
  • 3rd place Vietnam National Olympiad in Informatics 2011
  • Rank 27 at ACM/ICPC Asia Regional contest 2012
  • Champion at multiple Hackathons in Japan and Vietnam

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