Data Science – Intermediate Level

The continuation of DS Beginner level. You will learn more high-level techniques to apply to a data science project.


Learning outcomes

  • Better visualization skills.
  • Better analysis skills.
  • Ability to make research reproducible.
  • Ability to deal with larger dataset.
  • Skills to apply simple machine learning model in dataset


  • Computer Science with Python
  • Data Science - Beginner Level

Upcoming Courses/Workshops

*The below course structure and cost is intended for individuals. To know the details of our course offering for companies, please contact us.


Yoshi Truong

Head of AI Product Development
  • Machine Learning consultant and mentor at Tokyo Techies
  • 6+ years of experience working at software service development companies in Japan.
  • 3rd place Vietnam National Olympiad in Informatics 2011
  • Rank 27 at ACM/ICPC Asia Regional contest 2012
  • Champion at multiple Hackathons in Japan and Vietnam

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