Data Science – Beginner Level

This course introduces learners to the fundamental understanding of data science – a rapidly growing field in Computer Science and engineering in recent years. Through the theoretical lectures and hands-on practices, students will learn how to scrape data from public sources, visualize and analyze data, and apply statistical modeling and machine learning algorithms to predict future outcomes of academic and business data.


Learning outcomes

  • Knowledge of basic data science pipeline
  • Ability to collect data from the Internet
  • Ability to read, write, analyze a simple dataset.
  • Ability to detect and handle missing data and outliers.
  • Ability to present data science research in an easy-to-consume way.


  • Python programming

Upcoming Courses/Workshops

*The below course structure and cost is intended for individuals. To know the details of our course offering for companies, please contact us.

Group nameStart dateSession durationNumber of sessionsStandard price
Data Science - Beginner Level (Class for Companies)Jan 1 (Thu)
2h1 sessions
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Nghia Truong

Head of AI Product Development
  • Machine Learning consultant and mentor at Tokyo Techies
  • 6+ years of experience working at software service development companies in Japan.
  • 3rd place Vietnam National Olympiad in Informatics 2011
  • Rank 27 at ACM/ICPC Asia Regional contest 2012
  • Champion at multiple Hackathons in Japan and Vietnam

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