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Computer Science With Python



Language: English

Last Updated:  03/10/2018


Building upon our Python for beginners course, this course extends the concepts to more advanced levels so that students can better use Python in computer science or software development, with deeper insight into the workings of the code.

Learning outcomes:

By the end of this course, students will achieve:

  • Advanced programming skills with Python.
  • In-Depth understanding of Python code structures, such as for loops, objects, and recursive functions.
  • Knowledge on designing algorithms to solve computation tasks.
  • Ability to extend Python by using various libraries
  • Skills to optimize code for speed and clarity.


  • Basic PC use
  • Python basics (Optional)

Curriculum For This Course

Below are the courses that you may want to take after this course:

Featured Author

Sara Metwalli

Sara Metwalli

Computer Science, Game Development Tutor

  • Android mobile application development
  • Teaching Assistant in science for undergraduate level.
  • Master degree in Communications and Electronics Engineering.
  • Working with Tokyo Institute of Technology Online Education Development Office (OEDO) on designing and analyzing content for edX.
  • Currently Enrolled as a PhD researcher in the field of Information and Communications Engineering at Tokyo Institute of Technology.