Computer Science with Python – Intermediate Level

This course focuses more on the practical side of programming. Students will learn to manipulate different data structures frequently used in software engineering. In between, they will also learn how to evaluate how good a piece of code is, as well as learn more advanced and useful algorithms.


Learning outcomes

By the end of this course, students will:

  • Have the ability to evaluate how good/bad a program is.
  • Ability to write good code and good programs.
  • Familiarity with commonly used data structures: JSON and XML.
  • Ability to quickly find and correct bugs in programs.
  • Understanding of some advanced algorithms.


  • Familiarity with basic programming
  • Familiarity with the Python programming language

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Sara Metwalli

Sara Metwalli

Computer Science, Game Development Tutor
  • Experienced in Android mobile application development
  • Teaching Assistant in Science for undergraduate level
  • Worked with Tokyo Institute of Technology Online Education Development Office (OEDO) on designing and analyzing content for edX
  • PhD in the field of Information and Communications Engineering at Tokyo Institute of Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What courses do Tokyo Techies offers?
Tokyo Techies offers a wide range of courses. In order to check the available courses along with details about their contents, please click here
2. How many sessions does each course have?
Usually, it depends on the course a student is opting for. In general, a short course can have 8 ~ 12 sessions (16 ~ 24 hours). A research/development project can take more than 30 sessions. The number of sessions also depends on the understanding level/ pace of the students and their achievement goals.
Normally, there is 1 session/ week. However, the course type i.e. Custom Project/ Intense Course, will have 2-3 sessions per week, depending on the availability of both the students and their assigned tutor. Hence, students can opt for any course type based upon their requirement.
3. What is the fee?
Starting July 01, 2019, the prices are:
1-on-1 private session: 24,000 JPY + tax / 2-hour lesson.
Group session for 2 students: 12,000 JPY + tax / 2-hour lesson / student.
Group session for 3+ students: 7,000 JPY + tax / 2-hour lesson / student..
Intense Course/Custom Project: 30,000 JPY + tax / 2-hour lesson.
* The price may change depending on the course. The hourly rates mentioned above are for reference only.
4. Will I get any certification after I complete any of the courses?
Yes, after completing a course, student will get a certificate from Tokyo Techies indicating that the student has finished the course successfully.
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