Computer Science with Python – Beginner Level

The ultimate goals for this course are to expose students to computer science and give them hands-on experience with coding, based on Tokyo Techies’ original computer science skill development framework.


Learning outcomes

By the end of this course, students will:

  • Understand basic computer science concepts
  • Be familiar with a specific programming language
  • Complete some online coding challenges for beginners

Upcoming Courses/Workshops

*The below course structure and cost is intended for individuals. To know the details of our course offering for companies, please contact us.


Sara Metwalli

Sara Metwalli

Computer Science, Game Development Tutor
  • Experienced in Android mobile application development
  • Teaching Assistant in Science for undergraduate level
  • Worked with Tokyo Institute of Technology Online Education Development Office (OEDO) on designing and analyzing content for edX
  • PhD in the field of Information and Communications Engineering at Tokyo Institute of Technology

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