Computer Science with Java – Advanced Level

This course extends the concepts to more advanced levels so that students can better use Java in computer science or software development to achieve enterprise level of knowledge.

  • Skill Level: Advanced

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course, students will:

  • Advanced programming skills with Java
  • Knowledge how to build APIs with Java and Spring
  • Knowledge on designing algorithms to solve computation tasks
  • Basic understanding of the network protocols
  • Deep understanding of many layers of enterprise application
  • Fundamental understanding of databases and how do they scale

Upcoming Courses/Workshops

*The below course structure and cost is intended for individuals. To know the details of our course offering for companies, please contact us.



Machine Learning Researcher

James is undertaking a Master’s degree in Mechano-Informatics at Tokyo University, researching applications of Machine Learning in Computer Vision. He is fascinated by all things AI and hopes that he can contribute to research ensuring safe AI that is beneficial to society.

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